University of Manchester Bees7-3NWKL NW1 14/10/18 @ 11:10Haco
Lancs ref HALL B
University of Manchester 28-9NWKL NW1 21/10/18 @ 12:25Haco
Manchester Warriors 35-15NWKL NW1 11/11/18 @ 11:10Aaco
UoM ref HALL A
University of Manchester 13-17NWKL NW1 25/11/18 @ 11:00Aaco
Warriors ref HALL B
Lancaster Phoenix Korfball 2nd9-9NWKL NW1 25/11/18 @ 12:25Aaco
Phoenix ref HALL A
Lancaster Phoenix Korfball 1st9-23NWKL NW1 02/12/18 @ 12:25A
University of Cumbria. MKC ref. start time.
Lancaster University 14-25NWKL NW1 02/12/18 @ 14:50H
Phoenix ref. University of Cumbria Sports Complex.
Manchester City Bengals8-17NWKL NW1 13/01/19 @ 14:50AMEAC
Hawks ref. Start time
Liverpool University Uni 17-13NWKL NW1 27/01/19 @ 14:50Haco
UoM ref HALL A
Manchester City 22-17NWKL NW1 03/02/19 @ 11:05Aaco
Phoenix ref HALL A
Manchester Hawks 27-17NWKL NW1 10/02/19 @ 11:30HPWHS
start time, hall from 11.15
Lancaster University 210-0NWKL NW1 10/02/19 @ 12:25H
Walkover to Manchester Hawks
Manchester Warriors 38-12NWKL NW1 17/02/19 @ 12:25HAC
Liverpool ref HALL A
University of Manchester 29-2NWKL NW1 10/03/19 @ 11:10AAC
Warriors ref HALL B
Manchester City Bengals5-7NWKL NW1 17/03/19 @ 13:50HAC
UoM ref HALL A
Lancaster Phoenix Korfball 2nd9-11NWKL NW1 24/03/19 @ 12:25A
MKC ref. Uni Cumbria Sports Complex
Lancaster University 28-7NWKL NW1 24/03/19 @ 14:55H
Phoenix ref. Uni Cumbria Sports Complex