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The Korfball Team



We have a number of awards that we present to recognise the hard work and dedication that goes into supporting our brilliant sport.

Volunteers are essential in sport – Korfball is no exception. Hundreds of volunteers keep the game running within clubs, area associations and at England Korfball.

Marion Atkinson Award of Honour

Awarded to an individual (or couple) who has/have given outstanding service to korfball over a long period (usually 10+ years).

Previous Winners:

2014: Nicky Bedford.

2011: David Bond.

2009: Peter Teague.

2006: Kevin Allen.

2005: Frank Sieber.

2003: Jackie Hubbard.

2001: Jon Herbert.

1998: Alan Burrows

1996: Stephen Barker

1995: Peter Brooks

1994: Jan Hanekroot

1993: Graham & Valerie Crafter

1991: E Renew

1990: G & J Carter

1989: P & J Burt

1988: E & A Williamson

1987: Peter Allan

1986: Jill & Terry Sage

1985: Philip Buttinger.

Jan Hanekroot Award

Presented for outstanding service over many (usually 15+) years, making a major contribution to korfball in England during that time.

Previous winners:

2015: Jackie and David Hubbard.

2014: Sam Wells.

2009: Stephen Barker.

2005: Graham Crafter

Graham Crafter Award of Distinction

Given to an individual who has given excellent service to the Korfball in England over a few years (usually 5+) but a shorter period of time than would be necessary for one of the other awards.

Previous Winners:

2014: Dean Woods

2011: Katie Ellis

2009: Lee Matthews

2006: Kathy Shaw

2005: Dom McDonald