Norwich Knights 1 South London 1
10 19
England Korfball National League Haven Sports Korfball League 2009/10
Saturday, 06 March, 2010
17:15 | City of Norwich School Eaton
00 South LondonHelen West
00 Norwich KnightsPaul Buttinger
00 Norwich KnightsThomas Ellis
00 Norwich KnightsKarianne Fox
00 Norwich KnightsRoss Lenton
00 Norwich KnightsJames Seymour
00 South LondonKathryn Ayres
00 South LondonJessica Mcniven
00 South LondonJonathan Taylor
00 South LondonBen King
00 South LondonKate Wragg
00 Norwich KnightsHeather Lymburn
00 Norwich KnightsStephanie Watson
00 South LondonLeanne Charles
00 fpSouth LondonHelen West
00 PenSouth LondonCraig Gosling
00 PenNorwich KnightsThomas Ellis
-Paul Buttinger  
-Thomas Ellis  
-Karianne Fox  
-Ross Lenton  
-Heather Lymburn  
-James Seymour  
-Joanne Turner  
-Stephanie Watson  
-Kathryn Ayres  
-Leanne Charles  
-Craig Gosling  
-Ben King  
-Jessica Mcniven  
-Alan Piper  
-David Synott  
-Jonathan Taylor  
-Peter Teague  
-Helen West  
-Kate Wragg  
RefereeGraham Crafter
6/3/201016:30UEA Sportspark29/9/2009 11:05
6/3/201013:30City of Norwich School Eaton25/11/2009 13:40
6/3/201017:15City of Norwich School Eaton19/2/2010 09:08