Oxford City 1 Cardiff City and Met 1
21 17
Western Regional League Western Regional League 2019/20
Sunday, 15 December, 2019
12:30 | Didcot Girls School
00 Cardiff City and MetJulie Prosser
00 Cardiff City and MetCatherine Miedziak
00 Cardiff City and MetMatthew Morgan
00 Cardiff City and MetKiera Evans
00 Cardiff City and MetKristopher Banham
00 Cardiff City and MetJonathan Bonsall
00 Cardiff City and MetEllie Johnston
00 fpCardiff City and MetJames Wilcox
00 PenCardiff City and MetJulie Prosser
00 PenCardiff City and MetMatthew Morgan
00 sumOxford CityNick Wilkins
00 sumOxford CityLaura O'Donovan
00 sumOxford CityAmy Freear
00 sumOxford CityThomas Greenfield
00 sumOxford CityDaniel Tibbitt
00 sumOxford CityJames Morgan
22Ian Blackford  
9Rebecca Brennan  
11Ruth Emm  
35Amy Freear  
64Thomas Greenfield  
24Catherine Lambourne  
18James Morgan  
8Laura O'Donovan  
20Daniel Tibbitt  
61Nick Wilkins  
-Kristopher Banham  
-Jonathan Bonsall  
-Kiera Evans  
-Ellie Johnston  
-Isabelle Knight  
-Catherine Miedziak  
-Matthew Morgan  
-Liam Pattison  
-Julie Prosser  
-James Wilcox  


28-03-2020(+)Western Regional League Western Regional LeagueA HoS
  Coronavirus affected  
15-12-201921-17Western Regional League Western Regional LeagueH DGS
06-04-201914-12Western Regional League Western Regional LeagueA  
16-12-201821-20Western Regional League Western Regional LeagueH  
24-02-201810-17Western Regional League Western Regional LeagueH RYSA
  Hall time: 1430-1630 Referee: Peter Mulley  
21-10-201717-15Western Regional League Western Regional LeagueA CMU
  Hall time: 1200-1400 Referee: James Macleod  
15/12/201912:30To be confirmed29/9/2019 22:17
15/12/201912:30Didcot Girls School18/11/2019 11:34