Manchester Bengals Manchester Hawks 4
16 4
North West Korfball League North West League 2 2019/20
Sunday, 19 January, 2020
00:00 | To be confirmed
00 ManchesterPaul Dewey
00 ManchesterAndrew John Schofield
00 ManchesterThomas Pettyt
00 ManchesterKate Richards
00 ManchesterEllie Appelqvist
00 ManchesterRebecca Carr
00 ManchesterDonna Opray
00 PenManchesterAndrew John Schofield
00 sumManchester HawksAdil Hameed
00 sumManchester HawksNadeem Baig
-Patrick Acland  
-Ellie Appelqvist  
-Rebecca Carr  
-Paul Dewey  
-Sara Leach  
-Donna Opray  
-Thomas Pettyt  
-Kate Richards  
-Andrew John Schofield  
69Nadeem Baig  
66Anne Fitzsimmons  
83Adil Hameed  
88Thomas Lee  
65Jessel Lobo  
70Rachel Penney  
47Jack Perryman  
37Yashna Smart  
RefereeEd Holt
02-02-202010-7North West Korfball League North West League 2A AC
  Side A  
19-01-202016-4North West Korfball League North West League 2H  
5/4/202011:00Armatige Centre21/9/2019 13:17
19/1/202000:00To be confirmed29/12/2019 12:47