Manchester Hawks 3 Lancaster University 2
20 8
North West Korfball League North West League 2 2019/20
Sunday, 01 March, 2020
13:00 | To be confirmed
00 Lancaster UniversityRyan Nurse
00 Lancaster UniversityAman Mohammad
00 Lancaster UniversityOllie Hutchinson
00 Lancaster UniversityKimarie Fielder-Geurts
00 Lancaster UniversityAnnabel Skidmore
00 PenManchester HawksDaniel Mawdesley
00 PenLancaster UniversityRyan Nurse
00 sumManchester HawksJack Perryman
00 sumManchester HawksHelen Moylan
00 sumManchester HawksRebecca May
00 sumManchester HawksDaniel Mawdesley
00 sumManchester HawksAndrew Bees
00 sumManchester HawksBethan Rowsby
00 sumManchester HawksJohn Hogg
00 sumManchester HawksStephanie Bayford
18Stephanie Bayford  
28Andrew Bees  
8John Hogg  
36Alex Mallin  
41Daniel Mawdesley  
10Rebecca May  
15Helen Moylan  
47Jack Perryman  
43Bethan Rowsby  
-Kimarie Fielder-Geurts  
-Lindsay Gilder  
-Ollie Hutchinson  
-Naeem Khan  
-Michal Malewicz  
-Aman Mohammad  
-Greg Moore  
-Ryan Nurse  
-Katie Sherwood  
-Annabel Skidmore  
-Benjamin Taylor  
RefereeMark Birch
1/3/202000:00To be confirmed21/9/2019 13:13
1/3/202013:30Lancaster University Sports Centre Main Hall13/2/2020 20:58
1/3/202013:00To be confirmed25/2/2020 10:28