Manchester Warriors 4 Manchester Bengals
9 21
Start 12:05
North West Korfball League North West League 2 2019/20
Sunday, 01 March, 2020
12:00 | Uni Of Liverpool Sports Centre
00 PenManchesterAndrew John Schofield
00 PenManchesterKate Richards
00 PenManchester WarriorsCharlotte Fletcher
00 sumManchesterAndrew John Schofield
00 sumManchesterCraig Macleay
00 sumManchesterAnne-Marie Lyons
00 sumManchester WarriorsMichelle Clements
00 sumManchester WarriorsAndy Clements
00 sumManchesterThomas Pettyt
00 sumManchester WarriorsTom Inwood-Field
00 sumManchesterKate Richards
00 sumManchester WarriorsJames Coatsworth
00 sumManchester WarriorsHannah Pearson
00 sumManchesterPatrick Acland
00 sumManchester WarriorsCharlotte Fletcher
00 sumManchester WarriorsElla Turner
-Andy Clements  
-Michelle Clements  
-James Coatsworth  
-Charlotte Fletcher  
-Lucy Hibberd  
-Edward Holt  
-Tom Inwood-Field  
-Hannah Pearson  
-Ella Turner  
-Patrick Acland  
-Ellie Appelqvist  
-Paul Dewey  
-Sara Leach  
-Anne-Marie Lyons  
-Craig Macleay  
-Donna Opray  
-Thomas Pettyt  
-Kate Richards  
-Andrew John Schofield  


01-03-20209-21North West Korfball League North West League 2H UOL
  Start 12:05  
17-11-20191-20North West Korfball League North West League 2A AC
  Side B  
1/3/202000:00Uni Of Liverpool Sports Centre21/9/2019 13:12
1/3/202012:00Uni Of Liverpool Sports Centre26/9/2019 19:53