Lancaster University 1 Manchester City Bengals
13 9
Hawks ref. University of Cumbria Sports Complex
North West Korfball League North West League 1 2018/19
Sunday, 25 November, 2018
14:50 | To be confirmed
00 Lancaster UniversityBen Adams
00 Lancaster UniversityConnor Kinnear
00 fpLancaster UniversityBen Adams
00 PenLancaster UniversityConnor Kinnear
00 sumManchester CityAndrew John Schofield
00 sumManchester CityDave Plummer
00 sumManchester CityEllie Appelqvist
00 sumLancaster UniversityJamie Spencer
00 sumLancaster UniversityOscar Freeman-Davies
00 sumLancaster UniversityPeter Hoggard
00 sumLancaster UniversitySpela Lovrencic
23Ben Adams  
21Oscar Freeman-Davies  
65Peter Hoggard  
5Connor Kinnear  
43Spela Lovrencic  
77Hayley Niven  
10Victoria Smallwood  
4Georgia Smith  
37Jamie Spencer  
-Patrick Acland  
-Ellie Appelqvist  
-Lubna Bhatt  
-Thomas Pettyt  
-Dave Plummer  
-Kate Richards  
-Andrew John Schofield  


25/11/201814:50To be confirmed2/10/2018 10:55