Liverpool University Uni 1 University of Manchester 1
12 9
Warriors ref HALL B
North West Korfball League North West League 1 2018/19
Sunday, 02 December, 2018
12:25 | Armatige Centre
00 sumLiverpool UniversityEdward Hodges
00 sumLiverpool UniversityJack Stringer
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterDavid Richards
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterIrfan Sidat
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterBradley Stanford
00 sumLiverpool UniversityDarius Greenidge
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterAlice Murphy
00 sumUniversity of ManchesterEmily Westcott
00 sumLiverpool UniversityLuke Somerville
00 sumLiverpool UniversityLizzie Bancroft
00 sumLiverpool UniversityTiggy Rose
-Lizzie Bancroft  
-Kathryn Bonwick  
-Darius Greenidge  
-Edward Hodges  
-Lucy Kerr  
-Benjamin Rees  
-Tiggy Rose  
-Luke Somerville  
-Jack Stringer  
-Emma Kirby  
-Alice Murphy  
-David Richards  
-Irfan Sidat  
-Bradley Stanford  
-Peter Varley  
-Emily Westcott  
-Sam Wood  


10-03-20198-13North West Korfball League North West League 1H AC
  Warriors ref HALL B  
02-12-201812-9North West Korfball League North West League 1H aco
  Warriors ref HALL B  
2/12/201812:25Armatige Centre28/9/2018 17:08