Norwich Knights 2 University of East Anglia 1
11 8
Norfolk Korfball League Norfolk League 1 2015/16
Sunday, 17 April, 2016
16:00 | Daynes Sports Centre
00 University of East AngliaAbigail Smith
00 Norwich KnightsPaul Debenham
00 Norwich KnightsLuke Coyte-Mckenzie
00 Norwich KnightsTom Rockingham
00 Norwich KnightsDaniel Brook
00 Norwich KnightsFrank Dunn
00 Norwich KnightsBea Cutts
00 University of East AngliaSalman Saleh
00 Norwich KnightsEleanor Brook
00 University of East AngliaChris Freakes
00 University of East AngliaRohan Gwynn
00 fpUniversity of East AngliaBayley Wooldridge
00 PenNorwich KnightsPaul Debenham
00 PenUniversity of East AngliaChris Freakes
-Mollie Abery  
-Daniel Brook  
-Eleanor Brook  
-Louis Coles  
-Luke Coyte-Mckenzie  
-Bea Cutts  
-Paul Debenham  
-Frank Dunn  
-Adele Mitchell  
-Tom Rockingham  
-Lawrence Wicks  
-Chris Freakes  
-Thomas Greenfield  
-Rohan Gwynn  
-Lottie Hill  
-Camille Koosyial  
-Matthew Lunn  
-Salman Saleh  
-Abigail Smith  
-Bayley Wooldridge  


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17/4/201616:00Daynes Sports Centre9/3/2016 12:51