Cambridge Tigers 1 Tornadoes 2
19 16
South East Regional League South East Regional League 1 2015/16
Sunday, 04 October, 2015
14:15 | The Perse School for Boys
00 TornadoesGeorge Fitzgerald
00 Cambridge TigersOlivia Harcourt
00 Cambridge TigersJames Northfield
00 TornadoesVicki Mclellan
00 TornadoesCorinne Buckland
00 TornadoesElise Sparks
00 Cambridge TigersJacob Dawes
00 Cambridge TigersThomas Northfield
00 TornadoesJoshua Mclellan
00 TornadoesEleanor Parker
00 Cambridge TigersDaisy Llewellyn
00 Cambridge TigersEleanor Kentish
00 Cambridge TigersTom Coslett
00 Cambridge TigersTom Robinson
00 PenCambridge TigersJames Northfield
00 PenCambridge TigersChris West
00 PenTornadoesShane Buckland
00 PenTornadoesJoshua Mclellan
-Jenny Adamson  
-Tom Coslett  
-Jacob Dawes  
-Olivia Harcourt  
-Rory Haughan  
-Eleanor Kentish  
-Daisy Llewellyn  
-Jessica Llewellyn  
-James Northfield  
-Thomas Northfield  
-Tom Robinson  
-Chris West  
-Rebecca West  
3Corinne Buckland  
5Shane Buckland  
8Harrison English  
11George Fitzgerald  
7Chloe Gouldson  
1Joshua Mclellan  
12Vicki Mclellan  
4Eleanor Parker  
2Elise Sparks  
RefereeGary Cole
Shot Clock OperatorKevin McGuinness
4/10/201500:00To be confirmed31/8/2015 12:15
4/10/201500:00The Perse School for Boys24/9/2015 10:35
4/10/201514:15The Perse School for Boys29/9/2015 09:45