Norwich Ice 2 University of East Anglia 1
2 15
Norfolk Korfball League Norfolk League 1 2013/14
Sunday, 23 March, 2014
19:00 | UEA Sportspark
00 University of East AngliaMark Varley
00 University of East AngliaLizzie Reeves
00 University of East AngliaHeather Stokes
00 University of East AngliaBexx Thornberg
00 University of East AngliaAlicia Nolan
00 University of East AngliaJoseph Skeet
00 fpUniversity of East AngliaBexx Thornberg
00 PenUniversity of East AngliaMark Varley
00 PenUniversity of East AngliaJoseph Skeet
00 sumNorwich IceChris Bielby
00 sumNorwich IceEmily Keel
-Sarah Bell  
-Chris Bielby  
-Toby Connell  
-Ashley Darlow  
-Emily Keel  
-Luke Landers  
-Abby Maynard  
-Bethany Perry  
-Oli Cusack  
-Claire Green  
-Andy Keel  
-Matthew Lunn  
-Alicia Nolan  
-Lizzie Reeves  
-Joseph Skeet  
-Heather Stokes  
-Bexx Thornberg  
-Mark Varley  
RefereeCharlie Vogwill
20/10/201300:00To be confirmed3/10/2013 17:52
16/3/201420:00UEA Sportspark3/10/2013 18:38
23/3/201419:00UEA Sportspark7/11/2013 15:59