University of East Anglia 1 Norwich Ice 2
7 7
Norfolk Korfball League Norfolk League 1 2012/13
Sunday, 13 January, 2013
17:00 | UEA Sportspark
00 University of East AngliaRob Bloomer
00 University of East AngliaMark Varley
00 University of East AngliaCraig Robertson
00 University of East AngliaBexx Thornberg
00 University of East AngliaAlicia Nolan
00 sumNorwich IceAshley Darlow
00 sumNorwich IceRachel Pocock
00 sumNorwich IceJohn Scoggins
00 sumNorwich IceJenny King
00 sumNorwich IceNiall Sully
-Rob Bloomer  
-Claire Green  
-Andy Keel  
-Matthew Lunn  
-Alicia Nolan  
-Lizzie Reeves  
-Craig Robertson  
-Jenna Slaughter  
-Heather Stokes  
-Bexx Thornberg  
-Mark Varley  
-Chris Bolden  
-Ashley Darlow  
-Emily Keel  
-Jenny King  
-Bethany Perry  
-Rachel Pocock  
-John Scoggins  
-Niall Sully  


14/10/201200:00To be confirmed7/10/2012 13:04
13/1/201317:00UEA Sportspark9/10/2012 12:37